Customer Retention for B2B SAAS Companies

Discover your hidden revenue opportunities.

Reduce churn, grow your market share & increase your Customer Lifetime Value by uncovering the hidden revenue opportunities in your customer base. No cost-cutting needed!

In the fast-paced B2B SaaS world, mastering customer retention is crucial. Our solution, powered by over 20 years of academic research and course creation expertise, offers a strategic pathway to elevate your retention strategies, decrease churn, grow market share, and increase customer lifetime value.

The Customer Retention 360 system leverages scientific methods to uncover hidden revenue opportunities and deep insights into your customers’ behavior. This enables us to develop targeted strategies that significantly enhance loyalty, extend customer lifespans, and expand your business footprint.

Our strategies are built on a foundation of education, equipping your team with the knowledge to tackle churn at its root and ensure long-term growth. This holistic approach not only solidifies your competitive edge but also transforms customer relationships into lasting partnerships. 

Embark on this journey with us, and leverage our extensive research and educational expertise to unlock the full potential of your customer base. Together, we’ll turn retention challenges into opportunities for unprecedented growth. 

Let’s begin this transformative conversation. Your journey to mastery in retention, market expansion, and value maximization begins here.

Customer Retention for B2B SAAS Companies

Metrics Rise Where Revenue Thrives™

As retention experts for B2B SaaS, we harness the power of detailed analytics and targeted strategies to enhance customer retention revenues by finding hidden opportunities in your customer base. Our Customer Retention 360 system ensures that key performance metrics--from revenue to customer satisfaction--see an uplift, proving that when retention thrives your entire business benefits.

Decrease Customer Churn

Understand why your customers churn and what to do about it.

Grow Your Market Share

Uncover potential competitive advantages that are sitting undiscovered in your customer base.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Identify how to extend customer lifespan & expand your average contract size.

“What sets Anita and the ATI team apart is their deep background in scientific, qualitative research methods. These are tremendous skills that you typically can’t find in even advanced organizations. How to get at those real deep customer data insights is a skill that’s worth paying for.”

Ed Powers, Principal Consultant

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Dive Deep Into Customer Retention

Customer Retention 360

Our Customer Retention 360 system uncovers the revenue opportunities hidden in your customer base.

Scientific Discovery

Our Customer Retention 360 system leverages scientific research to pinpoint hidden revenue opportunities, enhancing revenue and market share by understanding customer behavior and feedback.

Strategic Implementation

With this data, we craft targeted strategies to boost customer lifetime value and expand contract sizes, directly reducing churn and strengthening customer relationships.

Educational Empowerment

We emphasize education to tackle the root causes of churn, providing your team with the tools to sustain growth and improve customer satisfaction, solidifying your market position.

You're In Good Hands

A Few of Our Achievements

“Not enough leaders place the task of getting feedback from customers as a high enough priority. And that’s to their detriment. Anita and her team get at the truths of what customers want and what they need to stay.”

Peter Armaly, VP Customer Success


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