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Make Every Customer Want to Stay

Our 3-step Customer Retention 360 system helps you to confidently and predictably reduce churn, accelerate revenue growth & increase your Customer Lifetime Value.

Leaders come to us because – they’re doing well with their customer retention – but honestly, they really want to take things to the next level, and they’re a bit challenged in that.

The other reason why they come, is because they have these gut feelings or these assumptions around why their customers stay or why their customers leave, but they don’t have validation.  They don’t have data backing those up.

What we do is take a research approach to get those customer insights. You have enough hard data. You have all the metrics. Now you need to get the ‘why’ behind those metrics and understand from the customer’s perspective, what they’re feeling; what they’re thinking; why they make the decisions they make; why they stay and why they leave.


And so, we can help you get those customer insights to help you reduce churn, accelerate your revenue growth, and make your customers happy.

Metrics Rise Where Retention Thrives™

Predictable Customer Retention Happens on Purpose

A well-developed customer retention strategy will help you increase your retention with predictability, clarity, and confidence. Say goodbye to frustration and inconsistent results.

Decrease Customer Churn

Know why your customers churn and what to do about it.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Happier customers stay longer. And they buy more.

Accelerate Revenue Growth

Discover the best opportunities for upsells, cross-sells and advocacy.

“What sets Anita and the ATI team apart is their deep background in scientific, qualitative research methods. These are tremendous skills that you typically can’t find in even advanced organizations. How to get at those real deep customer data insights is a skill that’s worth paying for.”

Ed Powers, Principal Consultant

Service Excellence Partners

Dive Deep Into Customer Retention

Customer Retention 360

Our 3-step Customer Retention 360 system creates predictable customer retention results.


Our scientific research methods will identify the gaps & opportunities in your current retention activities. These insights become the foundation of your predictable customer retention strategy.


Using your research results from Step 1, we'll build you a customer retention strategy that gets predictable results. Your strategy benefits you, your company & your customers.


Upskill your team to become customer retention pros with our retention-focused courses and workshops.

You're In Good Hands

A Few of Our Achievements

“Not enough leaders place the task of getting feedback from customers as a high enough priority. And that’s to their detriment. Anita and her team get at the truths of what customers want and what they need to stay.”

Peter Armaly, VP Customer Success


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