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As a SaaS Entrepreneur, it is always hard to be on top of everything — We need to handle customers, admin tasks, product development, inbound marketing etc. to make money. Anita not only helped us to understand the amazing financial value we could add to our MRR by just optimizing these users’ management, but she also put in place the right processes in our organization to maximize the dollar value of each user trying our SaaS. Unlike most consultants, she doesn’t only give advice. She supervises the evolution of our optimization process and makes sure that every step is completed. Anita was a wonderful asset for the success of our SaaS.

Stéphane Cohen

Founder and CEO, Shared Contacts for Gmail

The team was enthusiastic about the [role play] exercise afterward. They appreciated the tailored scenarios and felt that they helped solidify the new concepts. It went by really fast like you said. People really liked your energy and enthusiasm, and were impressed how well you are able to sustain it the entire session. I personally really enjoyed the role playing; it pushed me to think of a few things on the fly I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. I also enjoyed working out the scenarios with you. We’re actually thinking of doing some additional role playing as a team to keep practicing the concepts, and trying it on a few different scenarios. We’ll give you an update at the next meeting.

Greg Weinger

VP of Product Management, SheerID