Unlocking the Secrets of Customer Retention

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The news right now is scary.

Companies worldwide are laying off significant numbers of employees.
Company revenues are expected to slow down.

A recession is looming.
The pressure to do more with less is increasing.

At the best of times, customer retention can be challenging.
With team sizes getting smaller, Leaders are worrying about how they will continue to provide value while retaining as many of their customers as possible.

My team and I wondered what we could do that could help Leaders retain more of their customers. Something that didn’t require a lot of extra time, resources or money.

We decided — let’s teach the same Customer Retention 360 result-driven methods we use with our 12-month contract clients and compact them into 8 weeks. 

The Customer Retention 360 method allows our clients to advance their ability to understand their customers’ behavior so that they can define and execute the actions that will most effectively decrease churn, increase customer satisfaction, and accelerate revenue growth.

We hammered a few things here and chopped some things there and came up with the Unlocking the Secrets of Customer Retention Beta workshop that is designed to teach you the skills so you can confidently increase customer retention.

This Beta Workshop has 3 goals:

1. To teach you the proven methods we use to get our clients retention wins, so you can use them to get more retention wins for your company.

2. To give you the skills to start becoming a retention pro so you can confidently increase customer retention.

3. To give you a framework to help you get executive buy-in to increase your retention activities so you can WOW your executive team & board.

This Beta Workshop is for people:

  • Who value providing a high level of service to their customers despite their reduced resources
  • Who care about retaining their customers not because they have to, but because they want to
  • Who are willing to do the work to achieve the outcomes they seek
  • Who care about solving real problems in unique and interesting ways
  • Who desire the best for their customers, their team, themselves and their company

People who want:

  • Pride in their results – for their customers, for their team, for themselves and for their company
  • To be the retention expert of their company (Knowing that the skills they’ll learn in this workshop will only improve as time goes on.)
  • To share their wins with others

This Beta Workshop IS NOT for people:

  • Who are looking to retain customers ‘at all costs’. Using tactics, hacks and loopholes to stop customers from leaving.
  • Who are unwilling to do the work.
  • Who are close minded to new ideas.

Unlocking the Secrets of Customer Retention Beta Workshop Overview

Unlocking the Secrets of Customer Retention Beta Workshop is about creating a small, carefully planned retention win that lays the groundwork that adds up to future big outcomes.

This workshop is based on the concept of compounding small wins that add up to big results.

We’re looking to set the foundation to compound your small win into big changes, like the blue line in this graph:


The workshop is broken down into 3 sessions that runs over 6 weeks.

Define Your Win (Session 1)

In 90 minutes,

  • understand why improving retention is so challenging
  • learn the best way to improve retention regardless of your challenges
  • choose 1 measurable outcome (win) to achieve within 8 weeks

Make It Happen (Session 2)

In 90 minutes, you’ll

  • learn how to quickly identify patterns that lead to retention opportunities
  • discover which opportunities should be priorities and which shouldn’t
  • identify the area that is perfect for your win

Share Your Win & Win More (Session 3)

In 90 minutes, you’ll

  • learn how to quickly identify patterns that lead to retention opportunities
  • discover which opportunities should be priorities and which shouldn’t
  • identify the area that is perfect for your win

The Details

To ensure you achieve those eventual big outcomes from the small win you’ll see in the first 8 weeks of this workshop, this workshop is limited to 10 people.

If you want to be one of the 10 people to participate, follow the instructions under the “If this resonates with you…” section below.

The number of participants is limited because it’s critical to me to see that you get results from this workshop.

I want you to walk away from each session feeling like every cent you paid and every second you spent was worth it.

Sessions will run on:

Define Your Win
April 11, 2023
1-2:30 pm EST

Make It Happen
April 25, 2023
1-2:30 pm EST

Share Your Win & Win More
May 9, 2023
12 pm-1:30 pm EST

** For the 6 weeks we’ll be working together, you’ll also have access to a private Slack channel where you can ask your questions and get support as you work your way through the workshop. When we’re learning new things, it’s helpful to have a place to go to get reassurance that we’re on the right track. Or to get support when we veer off track. This exclusive community will be your place to ensure your success is guaranteed.

The Fine Print

This is the first time this workshop will be run.
I have high standards.
It’s important to me that you get results out of this workshop.

I also want future workshop participants to benefit.
As a beta participant, it’s your input and feedback that will help make this the best Customer Retention workshop available anywhere.

To ensure your success, you’ll get a special retention accelerator coaching call that’s only available for the 10 beta participants. After this beta workshop is over, this exclusive 30 minute 1-on-1 retention accelerator coaching call won’t be available. This is your chance to ask questions specific to your business and get expert answers to help you accelerate your retention wins. 

Here’s William’s thoughts after one of those accelerator coaching calls: 

If this resonates with you . . .

Only Beta workshop participants get these one-time offers:

  • a 50% discount off the full workshop price (instead of paying $9,999 you pay $4,999 USD)
  • a 30 minute 1-on-1 retention accelerator call with Anita to ask any question you have about customer retention
  • an exclusive Slack group for workshop attendees to guarantee your success

My team and I are so committed to your success with this workshop that we will work with you until you achieve that retention win. That’s my personal promise to you.

I hope you’ll join us in the workshop.