Courses & Workshops to Help you Retain Your Customers

Who this is for: Customer Success Leaders, Chief Customer Officers

Unlocking the Secrets of Customer Retention

This workshop is designed to get you a customer retention win within 8 weeks. You'll create a customer retention strategy that gets predictable results. It's the same strategy we use with our clients to get them winning outcomes. If increasing customer retention is your responsibility, then this is the ideal workshop for you.

Who this is for: Customer Success

Difficult Customer Conversations (Public)

Difficult Customer Conversations is intended for Customer Success Managers, and aspiring CSMs, who want to more skillfully and confidently navigate tough conversations with customers. This course covers 4 Tools for having difficult conversations and offers practice with real-world customer scenarios.

As someone who is just starting their customer success career, I have been honored and grateful for Anita's expertise, guidance, and generosity. I was lucky enough to be in a stand-out course she's created called 'Difficult Customer Conversations', where she took me by surprise at how quickly she deduced a long-standing issue of mine. Her insight into the solution for me was simple but powerful. Anita's understanding of the psychological basis of customer behavior, combined with her extensive background in research and data analysis makes her perspective priceless. It's without hesitation that I recommend Anita's consultative prowess for any of your churn-crushing needs!
Kathleen Clark
Certified Customer Success Manager
Who this is for: Customer Success

Difficult Customer Conversations (Private Group Training)

Accelerate your team's skills. We'll work with you to create tailored training scenarios that replicate the difficult customer conversations your team encounters. Send an email by clicking the "learn more" button below to discover more about the Private Group Training.

The team was enthusiastic about the [role play] exercise afterward. They appreciated the tailored scenarios and felt that they helped solidify the new concepts. It went by really fast like you said. People really liked your energy and enthusiasm, and were impressed how well you are able to sustain it the entire session. I personally really enjoyed the role playing; it pushed me to think of a few things on the fly I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. I also enjoyed working out the scenarios with you. We’re actually thinking of doing some additional role playing as a team to keep practicing the concepts, and trying it on a few different scenarios. We’ll give you an update at the next meeting.
Greg Weinger
VP of Product Management, SheerID
Who this is for: Customer Support

Dealing with Angry Customers

Dealing With Angry Customers is intended for Customer Support Representatives who want to more skillfully and confidently conduct conversations with angry customers. This course covers the LAST method for managing angry customers, and offers practice with real-world customer scenarios.

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